I love February - it feels like my New Year post a busy December and the collective mania of launching new collections in tandem with the Trade Fair.

My daughters start planning adventures – outdoor adventures, we even made the park for lunch this week (ok, I may have cheated with a flask of hot soup, but you know, it’s good) I’m out on the bike doing deliveries, for despite the cold it’s lighter and brighter and even the daffodils are starting to show face.

My local independent shops love an occasion and all of them, and by that I include the butchers and barbers, all decorate their windows for the arrival of San Valentino and you got to love a bit of love.

So let’s bin the cheese for the moment. In fact, let’s not. Why not throw caution to the wind and send an unsigned card to that hottie you’ve had your eye on. Better still, you may receive one from a secret admirer yourself – you may even be the recipient of one of ours, then you'll know they’ve got style ; )

Check them out . . . X: