With the management of all social media platforms we thought between our blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Linkedin we had it covered. I assumed Pinterest would be an added distraction  - oh no, no, no. We are now on Pinterest. Now I appreciate we're late to this party, but it's way too much fun not to blog about, please forgive me, I know you know all about it.

What we love most is that it's there for you to dip in and out. An attainable collection of images of inspirations, coveted design and play. It's today's scrap book and if like us you like it tidy, you'll love it. We've already created a few pieces from our DIY board, and promise when we have more time we'll post a few of our own. ( must post our 'Spray')

So, here's a link to our boards, complete with lots of minimalist design, bright lights and divine typography. We're loving this, so come aboard and follow our boards as they blossom and grow.


Lisa x