I love New Year. New beginnings, new hopes and dreams. New Challenges and goals.

Every year  I make a list, in fact I live by the list. But this is a special list, it’s the annual bucket list of adventures, all-encompassing aspirations of things I’d love to do with my family, friends and Gie it Laldy. And the thing about the lists is that they work, for me anyway.

On it I have mighty challenges and more achievable, simple life pleasures, like climbing the Scott Monument in Edinburgh (you get a certificate allegedly). Arthur’s Seat was on it a couple of years ago, as was exploring St Peter’s Seminary near Cardross. And because they were on a tangible ‘list’ they happened, for often it’s taking advantage of small windows of opportunity. So 2015 has all manner of things on it, lots of cycling, lots of exploring and lots of spontaneous.  

As for Gie it Laldy, well we’ve got to keep a lid on our new designs of cards and mugs launching at the Scottish Trade Show this January, but let’s say, they include some swanky texture, metallics and tartan - and as you've come to expect, a hefty dose of endearing insults and Scottish patter. Obvs. 


Images from left to right:

1. Ben Lomond, spur of the moment day out and finally ticked it off 'the list'.

2. My daughters.

3. Seilebost Beach, Isle of Harris. Last Easter, on my birthday I cycled from North to South Harris to meet my family for lunch, some things take a bit more planning but are worth it by a windy mile.   

4. St. Peter's Seminary near Cardross, it took us an hour to find and admittedIy I may have been a little bit spooked but what an architectural gem - visit this whilst you can.

5. My handsome bike with the Waverly in the background of the Forth and Clyde Canal, Bowling. I use this cycle route to up my mileage and tacked it on to hilly routes to get used to long spells on the bike. This year a ton is a must (100 miles) last year I came so close . . . it's right up there at the top of the list.

6. The Riverside, our alternative family playground.