Nothing like a looming deadline to shake you into action. In my case it's the forthcoming school holiday which seems to be hurtling towards me like a ragin’ Scotsman.  This year I took the opportunity of a reboot in advance, a change of scenery to fuel the imagination. I wrote this entry on my flight home from Berlin.

“Berlin! Finally! I’ve waited long enough and was told by many I'd love its creative vibe, plethora of independents and of course the architecture - a big draw for me and it didn't disappoint.

As a big fan of Modernist architecture, I of course had a hit list of 'must sees' to be incorporated into the simple pleasure of gadding aboot and exploring unchartered territory. I stayed East to whet my appetite for the raw and hired a dodgy old bone shaker to hit the streets. By sheer fortune, Lady Luck was by my side throughout and I seemed to hit gold with accidental discoveries. Too good not to share some of my shots and saves me blethering on and on . . .  see my highlights below.

Now hame in Glasgow, I feel enthused and refreshed, perfect timing as tomorrow we’re firing into the production of our new Scottish giftware range, including mugs, plates and totes - we’re hand printing these ourselves with our new printer  (pretty exciting huh - we’ll make sure you’ll fully informed across social media!) Post launch we’re focusing the remainder of summer on our Christmas collections just in time to launch at mid September — sounds so easy when you write it like this! Haha to that - we all know otherwise, but that’s all part of the fun. See you on the other side,  Lisa x”