PARTICK. The platform to the Universe.

There’s something about Partick that ignites a fuzzy feeling in me. It’s Glasgow to the core, a hybrid of bampots, creatives and wee auld ladies. As a wean from the suburbs, Partick train station seemed to open up the world. Everywhere seemed accessible from Partick and any destination worth visiting left from Partick. And you could see the River Clyde and the Finnieston Cran.
Yesterday I met Eleanor of Quidest Florist in Partick, our latest stockist and whom, within minutes of meeting, we debated the lyrics to ‘Ye canny shuv yer Granny aff the bus’.  Eleanor’s version varies slighty, ‘Ye canny shuv yer Granny aff ‘a’ bus’. This has opened a whole new debate on whether this is a Glasgow dialect or a little artistic license on the original - whatcha think?
Quidest requested some new Partick & Pertyck designs from our Patter and Localities range – nae bother of course. Keep an eye out for these as hopefully we’ll go all out and take designs onto t-shirts and textiles too, after all, Partick is our oyster. . . oh aye, I almost forgot to mention, Partick even has it’s own free Euro style outdoor gym, a wonderfully subtle approach to improve Glasgow’s health. Pure gallus.
Below, The Finnieston Cran, shot by me, Spring 2012