So aye, it's 2016 - Happy New Year! So whit are we up tae? Well, we're currently working our proverbials off in preparation for the forthcoming Scottish Trade Fair. This is our main calendar event, which shapes the first half of the year (and beyond) providing us with the platform to showcase our new collections, and catch up with customers and peers whom we don't often get the opportunity to see.

2015 was a pretty big deal for us - (we'll post our review shortly) but today, in conjunction with Adopt an Intern, you can read about Ellen in the interview below:



"Ellen Macdonald

Junior Designer and Administrator, Lisa Donati
Qualification - BDes(Hons) Graphic Design
Job hunting experience - I was fortunate enough to get my first Adopt an Intern design internship within a month of graduating at Mrs Tilly's confectionery, where I went on to work for another year. Then the design internship with Lisa Donati came up and I was delighted to be offered it. So in that aspect, I’ve been very lucky in my job hunting experience.
Roles and responsibilities - It’s a juggle of various roles and responsibilities at Lisa Donati. Primarily I’m a designer which involves expanding current collections and creating new ones, we also offer a personalised service, involving the design of bespoke products. Within a couple of weeks working for Lisa, I’d designed a small neon signage collection, and then we had the real deal made - “Gallus” now lights up the studio. 
Secondly, I’m involved in the production side- printing mugs and packing orders, maintaining the upkeep of our Etsy shop and visiting existing and potential stockists.
Where are you now? - After my 3 month internship, Lisa offered me a permanent position, and I’ve just recently gone to full time. I’m super excited, working for Lisa has endless creative possibilities, and it’s where I believe my skills as a designer will evolve. Through Lisa, I’m on a web development diploma course with YouTrain and I’m looking forward to bringing my new skills back into the business.
Its been a blast getting to work alongside Lisa, she's so vibrant and inspiring, and definitely the most Glaswegian gal I know. She puts in tremendous amounts of work, and I’m chuffed to be a part of team Donati. Another benefit working with Lisa, I now know Soft Cell’s Tainted Love (the extended version) off by heart!
And it’s been great working with the Adopt an Intern team, who have been a constant source of support and have given me great opportunities to which I am very thankful for."
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