A Bit Aboot The Bru

When ye think aboot Scotland, wan o' the first things that might come tae mind is oor famous drink by the Barr Family, IRN BRU. Today oan oor blog, we thought we would share a wee bit aboot the Bru, the backroon and sum uv the  products its inspired us tae make. We huv even found a wee cocktail (tried and tested by wan uv oor staff) tae get ye geared up fir Saturday night.
Above: The Brew Can through the ages. Did ye know that in the latest on these can designs that the simpler blue 'I' is actually for the letter I as in IRON BRU but also acts as a GIRDER tae keep wae its history? Image: Design Week
The Bru is obviously known fir it's vivid orange colour, and even mair so these days fir its taste (mind ye, the original was better like) but how did it all start? Gie it Laldy have done some diggin' fir ye.
The original name of IRN BRU as we know it, was actually supposed tae be IRON BREW, but it had its vowels dropped back in 1946 cuz it technically wisnae brewed an' there wis fears oor new label and brand regulations. And fir the last 73 years ur so we have known it as IRN BRU.
It wisnae always known as some form of Iron or Irn however, aw the way back in 1901 it appeared as Strachan’s Brew after wan o' Robert Barr's sons gave it the name and started tae sell it - Imagine hae'n tae shout that tae yer maw when she asks wit ye want fae the shop, it disnae hae the same ring tae it at aw! It didnae last long before they took on the name IRON BREW, and started making their mark oan history.
Above: Did ye know that ye can even get IRN BRU ICE-CREAM!? PURE MAD MENTAL. We LUV getting oors fae the University Cafe in Glasgow.
The recipe itsel has always been held close tae members uv the Barr family, and apparently only 3 people know the secret ingredients tae stir up the godly liquid. A large neon BRU sign once stood ootside uv Glasgow Central Station until it wiz taken took by the 80's when the phrase 'Made in Scotland Fae Girders' became a popular slogan tae promote the drink fir its comparison of rusty girders tae the orange colour of the drink and the fact that it contains the teeny tiniest wee amoont uv iron, but its no actually made fae girders.
Above: The lights of the BARR sign for IRN BRU, top right corner, illuminating the streets ootside Glasgow Central in the 80's.
In recent years the BRU has made appearance aw oor the world in many countries fae Ireland, Canada and even Russia - even though it wis banned in 2014 in Canada cuz they didnae like the additives apparently (mair fir us then!). Whilst Coca Cola is the most popular drink all over the world, it dis in fact sit behind the BRU when it comes tae the best drink in Scotland - we PURE LUV THE BRU.
However we did get the sad news that Barr had tae change the magic recipe last year, which sent us aw pure dead mad oor buying and scooping up the last bits uv ORIGINAL BRU. We're no bragging but we dae hae a few in oor secret bru stash in the shop that we bust oot the odd time but its OORS! ALL OORS!
Above: The BARR Family Tartan, which totally reflects the colours uv their mighty famous drink. PURE BRU TARTAN.
Barr did take tae twitter at the time though tae help calm all us BRU heids doon and reassure us that it wis gonnae taste the same though we as a nation uv fine bru tasters, jist know that its no exactly the same.
As a Scottish Gifts Shop & design brand, we huv always sought inspiration fae the BRU. Be it in colours fir oor designs or taking a mair literal approach tae creating products fae the shape uv the bottles/cans tae come up wae pure gallus glasgow gifts fir yis aw, cuz we know that oor customers love the bru as much as we dae. Here are some uv the products that are BRU inspired fae oor wee shop in Glasgow, and they will make the perfect scottish gift fir yersel or yer pal.
She loves the bru so she does oor Nic.
Sure who disnae want a wee gallus embroidered bottle of bru oan there chest? Embroidered on the softest sweater using our brand spanking new machine in studio.
We huv made one of our favourite brew pictures fae the 80's intae a coaster so ye can hae a bit o' BRU history oan yer table.
Oor SPANKING NEW embroidered washbag has none other than an IRN BRU  motif stitched oan tae the front uv wan uv oor pure guid wash bags. Perfect tae fit all yer clobber in and even big enough fir an iPad mini and such. Also available as a PERSONALISED washbag, where we can stitch yer word in the banner fir ye fir that extra touch.
Exactly wit it says oan the tin, oor wee IRN BRU coaster wis hand painted in watercolour and hand printed onto a coaster in oor Gie it Laldy studio in Glasgow.
These temporary tattoo's were inspired mostly by Glasgow but we jist COULDNAE do a set and no include oor wee bottle of Original IRN BRU
We huv a range of tartans inspired by the BRU wae some of oor favourite phrases oan. The perfect card tae accompany a bottle of bru tae gie tae yer pal (even mair friend points if ye can source some original recipe bru tae gie alongside.)
As always, we hae a HUGE range uv Scottish gifts in oor shop and and ever growing collection of funny scottish mugs in store and online. If yer ever aboot oor neck o' Glasgow, mon in and geez some o' yer patter.
Whats yir first memory uv IRN BRU? Let us know.
While the BRU is heavenly oan its ain, it disnae hurt sometimes tae add a wee something extra. Especially oan a weekend when yer needing a wee swally.
THE G & B COCKTAIL (via CraftingClub)
50ml Gin
100ml Irn-Bru
Orange to garnish
Fill a glass with ice and add 50ml of gin.
Add 100ml of Irn-Bru and garnish with an orange wheel