So ye'v been oot oan the ran at the weekend an' ye just cannae hack the Scottish hangover on a Sunday morning. We'v come up wae a list o' aw the best Scottish essentials ye'll need tae make it tae work on a Monday withoot looking or feeling like methadone Mick.



When it comes tae a hangover, everywan needs a few comforts. Whether its lying on yer  sofa for hoors or flinging on yer favourite Scottish sweatshirt, oor HINGIN jumper has ye sorted. The perfect hangover jumper to keep you cosy an say ‘Never again, hen'. Oor new Scottish sweatshirt is made fae recycled fabrics, offcuts and even plastic bottles which huv been compressed to create a super soft fabric, cosy an' comfy as...


2 >>> IRN BRU
Theres nothin’ at aw better than that slug of IRN BRU when ye are on yer hangover death bed and ye don't know if ye will make it tae see work on a Monday morning.  Get yersel or yer maw doon tae the corner shop and grab a wee bottle of the glorious orange stuff tae beat the effects aff the devils nectar fae last night. If ye know a pal that has an original recipe IRN BRU stash, ye might want tae get yer hands oan that tae. Cannae beat the OG recipe. Mon the BRU. We huv a few left in the shop but if yer no fast yer last!

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3 >>> SHOWER
Tae fight aff that horrible feeling when ye awake,  get herself tae the shower and wash away aw the antics fae last night. Theres nuffin worse than feel on' like ye’v been a few roons way a boxer, so get yersel in a nice hot shower an' ye will be feeling a bit mair fresh as ye get back intae bed. Yer maw will thank ye for no being a ripe smell aboot the hoose tae.



Gaun then, ye need tae get the scran intae ye if ye want to survive this hangover, and when it comes tae what scran tae pick, theres nae better than the almighty Scottish square sausage. Nestled in wan o’ Mortons finest rolls, ye can team yer square sausage wae ketchup or whatever ye fancy. . . just get that bitta Scottish grease intae ye. If yer too lazy, get yersel a piece fae Greggs.


>>> H20
Keep yersel hydrated. Or rehydrate mair likey. Make sure yer Gie it Laldy water bottle water is filled wae cooncil juice an' keep yersel topped up. 
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There’s that wee point when you're hingin’ an ye fancy a bit o’ something sweet. Ye cannae get much better than a dunt of tablet wae a good cuppa tea fae yer Gie It Laldy mug.
Get binging on yer favourite shows, fae hilarious episodes o’ Still Game tae reruns o’ ‘Lorraine’, ’Chewin’ The Fat’ and the likes. Ye’ll no be feeling pure shite if yer tucked up in yer Hingin’ sweatshirt as ye watch binge yer way through hours o’ telly.


Its no actually proven tae work but ye might as well if none of the above are working fir ye. Crack oot that last wee bit o’ Bucky and gie yersel a swally tae perk yersel up a bit. But dinnae get too mad wi it cuz ye hae work in the morning.


If ye just cannae hack even the thought never mind the smell o’ alcohol during a hangover, sort yersel oot  was a nice cuppa tea, brewed intae yer HINGIN’ mug fae Gie It Laldy. This belter of a mug is just right fir yer hangover on a Sunday, and lets them aw know that yer suffering as ye drink yer tea trying to get back tae normal.


Ye can pick up aw oor clobber and essentials doon at oor Gie it Laldy gift shop at 199 Crow Road, Glasgow. Ye can also find hunners o’ Scottish inspired gitfs, patter and mair in oor online shop here at tae.