Top 12 Scottish Fathers Day Gifts

Top 12 Scottish Fathers Day Gifts
Wae Fathers Day comin' soon, June 17th tae be specific, we've put together oor Scottish gift guide for yer da to show him that ye pure love him n' aw that. Whether yer da enjoys flinging' aboot an endearing insult as much as us, or if yer wanting the ultimate patter gift tae shows yer affection, Gie It Laldy huv aw bases covered.
So here yer go, oor top picks for the pure gallus Glasgow da:
1. Yer Some Da Mug - He's some man and he's some Da n' aw!
2. Pure Dad Brilliant Card - He's just pure dad brilliant and aw that.
3. Daddy Rocks Mug - because he pure rocks, sure ye know yersel. 
4. The Cone 'Glasgow' T-Shirt - For the pure Glasgow da, the iconic cone fae the Duke's heid. Ye cannae get much better than a shiny cone print.
5. Braw Paw Card - BRAW & Inspiring, he's yer braw paw.
6. Fuctifano Mug  - Wan o' his many phrases 'Fuck'd if I know'. Stock response. 
7. GALLUS T-Shirt - Flashy as fuck wi gold foil print n' exactly what it says on the tin. For the Gallus aul fella.
8. Cooncil Juice Water Bottle - Fir the da who is always wanting a wee swally o something on the go or if he wants to look the absolute baws roon his mates at the gym.
9. Dear Green Coffee Subscription - Fir the da who jist cannae have one cup of coffee. Our friends at Dear Green roast their own coffee beans here in Glasgow, the perfect opportunity to support local while checking off a pure brilliant gift for yer da on Fathers Day.
10. Fuctifano Mens T-Shirt - If he disnae say it when he's got his tea in his hand, he needs it across his t-shirt when he's potterin aboot the toon.
11. Rebel Rebel Chocolate - For the wee sweet toothed da, quality chocolate made right here in Glasgow. Healthier and tastier but he might naw wannae share it wi ye.
12. Did Ye Aye? Nicola Sturgeon Mug - For the Da that is always boasting and banging on aboot politics. 'Did ye aye, Da?' He might love nothing more than having a wee cuppa wi oor Nicola.
Ye can drop by oor wee shop at 199 Crow Road, Glasgow, for more gifts and patter. Opening hours on the aboot us section.