Gie it Laldy's guide fir whit tae dae in Glasgow this Summer

Gie it Laldy's guide fir whit tae dae in Glasgow this Summer
Summer In Glesga City
Glasgow is a city filled wae aw manner of activities tae get yer teeth intae, but noo that the weans are oan their Summer hols, whit is there fir you, yer pals and yer family tae dae in an' aroon Glasgow? Here's Gie it Laldy's top ten tae plan a day oot that disnae cost the earth.
1. Movement Park Summer Camp (1st Jul - 9th August)
Gie it Laldy. Movement Park
Oor pals at Movement Park will be hosting an ACTION PACKED Summer Camp fir the weans tae get oot and active. Based doon in Whiteinch the MP team will develop confidence within each child's movement through a series of physical literacy. If yer kids enjoy jumping, swinging, falling and rolling then their parkour and ninja style activities will hit the mark.
2.Oor Wullie's Big Bucket Trail (17th Jun 2019 to 30th Aug 2019)
Gie it Laldy, Oor Wullie's Big Bucket Trail
Grab yer weans and aw and go oan a mission tae find all the Wullie's o' Glasgow by following this pure mad mental trail. Ye will find a series uv different Wullie's at various locations aroon Glasgow, can ye find them aw? 
3. GOMA Art Club Drop In Saturday (22nd June & 29th June 2019)
The Gallery of Modern Art, the GOMA, in Glasgow will be hae'n their regular drop in session for the weans (Age 5 - 12) tae get their wee creative hats oan wae some art. Its a free event and is fae 10:30am - 12:30pm oan the days listed above.
Get in touch tae GOMA fir mair info.
Gie it Laldy, Glasgow
4. Glasgow Central Underground Tour (Year Round Events)
Gie it Laldy, Glasgow Cenntral Tour
Oan the Glasgow Central Tour you will be given an exclusive, behind the scenes look at Glasgow Central Station. You will walk in subterranean passageways beneath Glasgow’s streets, visit railway vaults that drove Glasgow’s industrial expansion to become ‘The Second City of The British Empire’, hear tales of the famous and infamous who have travelled the tracks and stood on the platforms of Glasgow Central Station. Sure whit disnae sound pure amazin' aboot this?
5. Make Your Own Terrarium World with Little Botanica (7th July, 4th August & 1st September 2019)
Southside floristry masters Little Botanica will be running several workshops where ye can try yer hand at making yer ain terrarium world. During the workshop ye will learn how tae assemble yer structure with the guidance uv experts fae Little Botanica and ye will get to take yer new world away wae ye by the end uv the workshop.
6. Wee Gie It Laldy Creative Club at Movement Park (From August)
Gie it Laldy Creative Club
Gie it Laldy runs a creative club for ages 8 - 16 at Movement park on a Thursday evening during term time. We encourage the exploration of pattern, texture, print and typography through the observation of our environment. Book online here:
7. Two Colour Risograph Printing Workshop With Risotto Studio (July 16th 2019)
Gie it Laldy, Risotto
Try yer hand at some Risograph printing wae Risotto studio in Glasgow. Ye will learn whit Riso printing is aw aboot and will get a chance tae design yer ain two prints and then combine them together tae create a two colour design that will be printed using the risograph printer. Team Laldy has done this workshop in the past and pure loved it. Laldy seal of approval.
8. Glasgow Canal Festival (July 20th 2019, FREE)
The annual Glesga Canal Festival is back again this summer up in the North end o' Glasgow. Mon doon and enjoy a wee day by the canal and listen to live music by a range of local musicians, discover hidden storytelling corners, take part in a family-friendly arts workshop, try your hand at canoeing or race down the canal with a team of friends. There's really something for everyone and audiences always report discovering and enjoying something they didn't expect and had never tried before. Fir mair info visit here.
9. Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop With Rags To Riches (13th July 2019)
Gie it Laldy
Learn the centuries old craft of macramé - a form of textile making produced using knotting - and make your own stylish indoor plant hanger using recycled yarn.
All materials, equipment and light refreshments are provided by Rags to Riches and takes place doon the Southside o' Glasgow. Ye'll be knotting aw ye can find roon the hoose tae get yer plants up all fancy after ye master yer skills at this pure callus workshop.
10. The Big Gay Cabaret (29th June 2019)
Gie It Laldy, Panoptican
Get yersel doon tae the Big Gay Cabaret Night at The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall fir a night tae commemorate the 50th anniversary uv the Stonewall Riots. A night o' pure amazin' fun tae be had.