I can barely believe today has arrived. Today, we, the people in Scotland will vote on whether the country should stay in the UK or become an independent nation.

    As proud Scots, we should all feel the same level of positivity regardless of our vote. This is our opportunity to embrace the challenge for a better Scotland.

    I’m sure Scots worldwide have a sleepless night ahead anticipating the result which will shape our future. Our focus is how to work together for the best after the vote regardless of the outcome. Lets channel this passion into our future to prosper as the beautiful and amazing nation we are.

    It’s our future. Lets ’Gie it laldi’.






    I love February - it feels like my New Year post a busy December and the collective mania of launching new collections in tandem with the Trade Fair.

    My daughters start planning adventures – outdoor adventures, we even made the park for lunch this week (ok, I may have cheated with a flask of hot soup, but you know, it’s good) I’m out on the bike doing deliveries, for despite the cold it’s lighter and brighter and even the daffodils are starting to show face.

    My local independent shops love an occasion and all of them, and by that I include the butchers and barbers, all decorate their windows for the arrival of San Valentino and you got to love a bit of love.

    So let’s bin the cheese for the moment. In fact, let’s not. Why not throw caution to the wind and send an unsigned card to that hottie you’ve had your eye on. Better still, you may receive one from a secret admirer yourself – you may even be the recipient of one of ours, then you'll know they’ve got style ; )

    Check them out . . . X:






  • PARTICK. The platform to the Universe.

    There’s something about Partick that ignites a fuzzy feeling in me. It’s Glasgow to the core, a hybrid of bampots, creatives and wee auld ladies. As a wean from the suburbs, Partick train station seemed to open up the world. Everywhere seemed accessible from Partick and any destination worth visiting left from Partick. And you could see the River Clyde and the Finnieston Cran.
    Yesterday I met Eleanor of Quidest Florist in Partick, our latest stockist and whom, within minutes of meeting, we debated the lyrics to ‘Ye canny shuv yer Granny aff the bus’.  Eleanor’s version varies slighty, ‘Ye canny shuv yer Granny aff ‘a’ bus’. This has opened a whole new debate on whether this is a Glasgow dialect or a little artistic license on the original - whatcha think?
    Quidest requested some new Partick & Pertyck designs from our Patter and Localities range – nae bother of course. Keep an eye out for these as hopefully we’ll go all out and take designs onto t-shirts and textiles too, after all, Partick is our oyster. . . oh aye, I almost forgot to mention, Partick even has it’s own free Euro style outdoor gym, a wonderfully subtle approach to improve Glasgow’s health. Pure gallus.
    Below, The Finnieston Cran, shot by me, Spring 2012
  • Summer

    The summer holidays started last week. This is very good. Each week my daughters’ (almost 4 & 6) have been promised adventures.

    Last week, we hit Edinburgh Zoo, this week it’s the People’s Palace interspersed with countless trips to the park/arts & crafts/and Geocaching. Geocaching is a godsend. It’s a free real-world outdoor treasure hunt. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS and can then share their experiences online.

    It’s a win/win. For the forthcoming six weeks, we embrace and explore the best of Scotland and I get the job done, cunningly utilising these trips to drop in and deliver to existing and prospective stockists.  And at home -  the inspiration and theme of our forthcoming ranges is the basis of our arts and crafts sessions. The imagination of a child provides such barmy inspiration. Did I say win/win? I retract that – what I should say, is it’s a triple win.

    My junior ‘junior’ apprentice at work.