WHAT IS IT? A creative club to help develop young minds and stimulate awareness of their environment. The class is open to children aged 8 years + to draw inspiration from the urban environment through the exploration of design and creative techniques. Projects run from concept to completion and include studies in printmaking, typography, graffiti and sculpture.

WHO RUNS IT?  Lisa from Gie it Laldy volunteers and runs the classes. Having graduated from the Glasgow School of Art with a BA (Hons) Interior Design, Lisa worked in commercial interior design and architecture before launching Gie it Laldy. She is fluent in multi-discipline design and manufacture techniques and has an insatiable thirst to learn new skills. 
HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? It's free to members of Movement Park and £6 per session to non members.
WHERE? Movement Park, Clydeway House, 813 South St, Glasgow G14 0BX
HOW DO I BOOK? Book online at: