TARTAN PACK (10 Card Pack)

TARTAN PACK (10 Card Pack)

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This lucky dip pack will contain 10 mixed cards which will include a selection of our tartan style Scottish cards. For all those occasions when you just need a card, now you will have a range to choose from when you get your pack.

All of our cards are made from the best quality post consumer recycled board so you get tremendous bang fir yer buck with our lucky dip card packs.

Please Note: ALL packs are pre-prepared so you cant make requests to include this that or the other, its a lucky dip an aw that! You take what your Aunty Laldy gives ye!

Our lucky dip packs contain almost £30 worth of our cards, but for £10 you can have all the patter!

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You will be supporting oor kick ass 'Made In Scotland' product ranges and shopping local.

Support yer local Scottish businesses. 

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We make original designs that are inspired by Scottish people, culture and our interactions with oor pure gallus customers. Our products are made in house and in and and around Glasgow.

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We are a Glasgow based design and gift company celebrating all that is pure dead brilliant about Scotland, its people, culture and language. GIE IT LALDY is an attitude and means tae give it yer all!

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