'Fannybaws' Scottish Candle

'Fannybaws' Scottish Candle
  • £14.00

'Fannybaws'  . . . .  an exceptional term and endearing insult used too describe anyone who has made a right fanny of themselves. Literally, a testicle (baw) and vagina (fanny) combined to form a nonsensical abstract object.

 . . . . . .

We've worked closely with local candle makers just outside of Glasgow to bring you an exclusive collection of Scottish candles to compliment our extensive range of the best patter and endearing insults. 

Yer candle is hand poured using only the finest materials to ensure that our candles burn cleanly, smell amazin' and comes beautifully presented in a kick-ass box!

Scent + Burning Time

Fresh White Linen  

250g, + / - 40 Hours Burning 



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