MG**R19 'Hey! Ho! Glasgow' Mug

MG**R19   'Hey! Ho! Glasgow' Mug
  • £9.95

HEY! HO! GLASGOW! . . . . wee bit of history with this design. Back in the early days of Glasgow Roller Derby, a bout (game) would begin with an introduction to the skaters from each team. GRD skaters used to skate onto the track to The Ramones 'Hey! Ho! Let's Go!'  . . . singing 'Hey! Ho! Glasgow!' I believe skaters just crack on with the action these days. Hey! Ho!

#lisadonati #heyhoglasgow #glasgow

11oz white ceramic mug

Height 92mm x Diameter 80mm. Dishwasher safe.

Hand-printed in our own wee Glasgow studio by Team Donati and packaged in a neat white box - what a gallus gift!


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