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'Glasgow' Subway Sweatshirt

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GLASGOW . . . .  Glasgow sweatshirt inspired by the iconic Glasgow underground map AKA the Clockwork Orange. 

It's the third-oldest underground metro system in the world after the London Undergound and the Budapest Metro. If yer fae Glesga ye'll nae doubt have given a bash at, or at the very least, heard of the Subcrawl. A pub crawl where participants buy an all day ticket, disembark at each of the 15 stations and have a swally in the nearest bar.

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Your sweatshirt is made from organic cotton before being embroidered by Gie it Laldy in our Glasgow based studio. 

Ye can also purchase our products direct from  the Gie it Laldy Gift Shop. Opening hours can be found in the 'Aboot us' section on the homepage.

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You will be supporting oor kick ass 'Made In Scotland' product ranges and shopping local.

Support yer local Scottish businesses. 

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We make original designs that are inspired by Scottish people, culture and our interactions with oor pure gallus customers. Our products are made in house and in and and around Glasgow.

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We are a Glasgow based design and gift company celebrating all that is pure dead brilliant about Scotland, its people, culture and language. GIE IT LALDY is an attitude and means tae give it yer all!

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