A wee update fae us so ye aw' know whits happenin' at Laldy HQ during this latest lockdoon:
This of course means the physical shop in Glasgow is temporarily closed.
Oor online store remains open 24/7 but we are currently a wan wummin band - literally, karaoke mic n' aw'. So your orders may take a few days extra and we really appreciate your patience.
All of our staff, bar yer Aunty Laldy, are currently working from home or are furloughed to ensure we keep safe during this latest Stay at Home order. Aunty Laldy is not in the studio everyday but is in preparing your orders for shipping twice weekly. 
Our couriers for yer UK mainland orders are currently picked up once or twice a week, days may vary and these orders are picked up at the studio door to minimise contact as much as possible for our safety, their safety and of course our customers safety.
All international orders are currently suspended during this time as we are not able to make it to the Post Office to use services to send out orders. 
Orders for items, such as greetings cards, will be posted via a post box when passing should they be able to fit. 
Ta so much for aw yer ongoing support during these time, we are as always keeping oor gie it laldy attitude high and adapting tae new ways of working tae keep aw' oor troops stocked up wae aw an' the best Scottish gifts in toon.